Sunday, November 25, 2012

Accident again at Pujut 4C/ Pujut 5 junction

Pujut 4C/Pujut 5 junction is a notorious accident spot. In think on average, there was one accident every month. My car was knocked twice at this spot also.
 So just now, 2PM, we saw a Proton Gen 2 and a brand new Viva knocked into each other.
This Viva is badly damaged.
I hope the local authority will quickly build a speed bump here so that people will slow down. Also, the road should be properly painted... perhaps with yellow strips.


Ian said...

Speed trap? Just a simple speed bump just before the intersection will do!

The thing with speed traps is that they will easily turn it into a profit driven thing with the excuse of "safety", like almost everything they do now, giving a ridiculous trapping speed of 25km/h so poor Ali, Abu or Ah Kau will receive a speeding ticket for doing 27km/h! And in the end, people might still not slow down if they are not aware of the trap and still get into accidents. "safety" indeed.

William said...

Ian, yes, you are right. I meant to say building speed bump and not speed trap.