Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Try this drink - 5 greens for health

I have been so busy lately that time flies without me realising it! Whatever, taking care of oneself is important. The saying goes "anything tasted good is not good for your body". I am not going to debate on this. But this drink (so called five (5) greens) I made for myself is definitely not going to taste good. Jonathan, my eldest son, described this as "a heavenly drink"! You know what he means!

 I will not attempt to describe the taste and you will figure it out for yourself...
I put green pepper, cucumber, bitter gourd, green apple and celery into my high speed blender and out it comes, a drink like above. This is the famous "five greens" health drink. It is supposed to lower your cholesterol and high blood pressure.

The trick to drink this juice is to blend it and without thinking, swallow everything down in one go! An ex-colleague told me that this drink help to put the cholesterol back in order! So, have you tried this and how was your result?

Half Green pepper
Half cucumber (3-4 inches)
Quarter bitter gourd (2 inches)
2 stalks of celery
One medium green apple
100-200ml water

Above should make about 500ml. If you cannot finish everything in one go, you can always share it with someone or use it twice.

Go and check your cholesterol and BP now and then drink this "heavenly drink" for a month. Check the results of your cholesterol and BP again.


Dona D. Doni said...

hi william, whats the portion/amount of each greens to be blend?

William said...

Hi Dona, i have edited my blog and included the recipe. Thanks for asking.
The amount you put in is quite flexible. Those veggies varies in size from country to country. I should really weigh them.

Dona D. Doni said...

Hi William, thanks for your info..definitely try this! ^^

i wonder if i can take the "heavenly taste" of this drink.

William said...

Hi Dona,
Give it a shot! Don't let your mind control you. If you wish, add in some honey.
But in reality, the taste is not really too bad. It is a lot better than bitter medicine. This one is just "green" taste, if you know what I mean. So, no problem. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

hi William

an ex-colleague at work gave me this recipe too..yet to try it but will as soon as i get all the necessary doc started me on medication for hypertension 6 mths ago..initially no side effects..but abt 1 mth later..cough, sore throat,,etc..n changed medication n side effects remain...really fed hope this drink will help ..want to stop the medication...never felt so lousy before...S.B.Tan

William said...

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