Saturday, September 22, 2012

What is in the food you are eating?

More than a month ago, I left quarter can of evaporated milk in the kitchen. I opened the top and left it there thinking that mold will grow and ant will come to make a feast out of it. But I was surprised that after a few days, nothing came to have free meal. I continue to leave it there and finally, after more than a month, some black mold formed.  I decided to scrape the brown solid which has now formed.
 So what did the manufacturer added into the evaporated milk to make it so poisonous to mold and other insect? Looking at the label reviews literally nothing!
For the benefit of those who don't understand bahan-bahan (ingredients), google translated it for me: milk solids, refined palm oil, contain stabilizers and permitted food emulsifiers, vitamins A and D3

There is no mention of preservative, etc. Am I right to assume that there are a lot more to the list?

Just in case you are not aware, this "milk" is a vital ingredient in a lot of food - ice kacang, cake, drink, etc. So better eat less! The above is from a very famous brand with two red letters only.


matthew said...

Well done.

William said...

Matthew, haha... cannot eat the favorite ice kacang, etc.