Friday, April 27, 2012

Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms by Dr Oz

Click here to watch this informative video on early symptom of cancer. I have captured the important points of the video below:

Possible signs of esophagus cancer
Difficulty swallowing; feeling a lump in your throat

Possible signs of stomach cancer
Pain in upper abdomen; heart burn or feel full after small meals

Possible signs of colon cancer
Extended periods of constipation; diarrhea; change in stool size,

Possible signs of bladder or prostate cancer
Pain during urination; blood in urine; change in frequency

Possible signs of leukemia (or many other types of cancer):
General fatigue; overall weakness; unexplained weight loss

Possible signs of lung cancer
Difficulty breathing; persistent cough; chest pain when breathing in,and wheezing

Possible sign of voice box or thyroid cancer
Hoarse voice; unusually husky or deeper voice

Possible signs of skin cancer
Black or brown streaks under fingernail

Possible signs of liver cancer
White or pale fingernails

Possible signs of ovarian cancer
Abdominal pain; pain during intercourse; urgent urination issues

Possible signs of pancreatic cancer
Yellowing of the skin or whites of eyes; dark coloured urine; light grey coloured stool; unusual skin itching

Note: The above is provided for your information. Proper diagnosis must be carried out by doctors. I am not responsible for the accuracy of information provided.


Anonymous said...

1/2 of cancer are preventable. Stop smoking comes top.

William said...

Yes, fully agree!