Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Is TheStar online worth reading?

I found that TheStar on-line is such a pro government paper that it is not longer worth reading! It carries news which, in my opinion, not worth to be published! My interpretation is that they are nothing but a vehicle for government propaganda.

Story 1:
Anwar told to step down!

KUALA LUMPUR: Several non-governmental organisations have urged parliamentarians to propose a law that allows impeachment of leaders.
A delegation of eight men representing five NGOs led by the Selangor Anti-Irregularities Federation (GAPS) met Dewan Negara president Tan Sri Abu Zahar Nika Ujang and submitted a memorandum demanding the resignation of Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yesterday.
On the other hand, if such a law is passed through, most YBs from BN will have to resign!
Story 2:
KUALA LUMPUR: Taxi drivers in the Klang Valley are pleading with the Bersih 3.0 organisers to cancel their proposed rally.
They claimed that 36,000 taxi and limousine operators would be affected if the rally went on.
I pity the taxi drivers! But they are so short sighted! Why can't they bring passengers to the rally?


Anonymous said...

No paper are completely neutral. The Stars are well known to be pro-BN but Malaysia Insider aren't lily white either. For example MI actually said there are no rare earth refineries in Western country when a simple Google search shows otherwise. Best thing to do is read news from both side and do own thinking.

Anonymous said...

William. They are 2 rare earth refineries in Australia and one of which is right next to the town of Whyalla in South Australia. Then there is Molycorps in USA, Tasman in Sweden, Greenland Mineral in Greenland, Canada Rare Earth in Canada and Steenkampskraal in South Africa.

Rare earth refineries might become the next big money spinner to whichever country that has them. You should check out this document.

William said...

I knew that there are plants overseas. But I think the biggest concern is proper waste disposal. I doubt they have any proper plan for the disposal. They are trying to convince us that it is completely safe which I have to disagree. The Bukit Merah case is a lesson learnt!

Anonymous said...

As far as radiation is concern, universal standard method is to dilute them and then incorporate them into concrete or build roads with final radiation level no higher than what you get from granite rock.

Ian said...

With construction that leaks and/or collapses, military fighter jet engines going missing and cows living in condominiums, milk that poisons, oil leak into rivers meant as a source for water consumption and probably some more I can't recall right now, I have no faith in this rare earth refinery. Even if the refinery is built to a standard there's still a high chance the people working within and around it screwing things up badly.

No, thanks.

Speaking of lopsided news, yes, either read both sides and draw a conclusion, otherwise like me, don't bother reading anything at all and just know what to do on the appropriate day (helps maintain blood pressure).

William said...

Ian, thanks for your view. Malaysia mess up too many things and I also don't trust them for doing the right thing.
I must stop reading news - time waster!

Anonymous said...

Ian. I also worry about the Bosch solar panel factory in Penang. Then there are those coal fire power stations all around the country which, instead of producing thorium waste in wet form, produce them in far more dangerous airborne form coming out of the chimney that can far more easily get into human's lung. These are more worrying things than Lynas but everybody only talk about Lynas but not the other more dangerous waste simply because it's being politicized. That is why I said earlier, there are no Malaysian presses that are truly professional and that includes the supposedly neutral Malaysia Insider. So the best thing to do is read news from both sides and all with a pinch of salt. And treat all politician from all sides as diaper that must be changed every now and then or they will all start to stink.

William said...

Anonymous, I like what you say! I think this is education. Everyone must be educated. The other problem is the filling up of pockets, if you understand what I mean.

Ian said...


I would worry less of the refineries / power stations waste, trace radiation, pollution and such bits, and more on how the people handle the things. Or fail to handle, in this case.

In terms of the airborne particulates etc, how does that differ from open burning and all those diesel fumes we drive behind everyday? Diesel is carcinogenic last I heard. Even petrol fumes are bad for the fetus. Or soldering fumes in electronics factories?

Yes, there are compromises to be made. I actually think nuclear power is a pretty good source of energy, on the caveat that this be used *until* a better energy source is found for the humankind(we're not even anywhere close to that). Unfortunately, if an earthquake strikes within this time and resulting in a 30ft tsunami destroying the plant's backups and eventually causing a partial meltdown and release of radiation? Well that's the sacrifice that the human race had to bear in the face of nature's wrath. Risks can't be completely eliminated.

But what if the task is given to incompetent people who screws up even the basics, even without the help of nature?

All politicians are diapers, but remember - like diapers, there are different grades. One may hold more pee than another type. In order to at least give another brand to try? The magic number is 2/3. Going back to the same diapers over and over again is like the gambler at the casino who keeps thinking he'll win it big on the next try. We know the result of that.