Friday, April 20, 2012

Long Malim - Land above the cloud

Last weekend (14/4 - 16/4), a group of 9 from the Yi Eng and Grace Methodist visited the small Penan settlement at Long Malim. Long Malim is about 224KM from Miri and 520 metres above sea level in Ulu Belaga. The place is surrounded by high mountains and a river.
The whole journey took eight hours. The most difficult part of the trip was the last 20 KM of road which was windy and high gradient. This 20KM took 1.5 hours! Apart from this, the place is beautiful and full of trees.
As we arrive at the settlement at about 2:40PM, we found that the place was very quiet. There were not many adults except 20+ children.
As we inquire about it, we realised that the adults went to the field for harvesting.
The mission house is at the edge of a large flat ground which is used as a helideck. I was told that the flying doctor came in once a month to this place to see the sick. Therefore, if anyone is sick, he/she must wait for a month! It seems that the common problem is gastrointestinal related problem, vomiting, stomach ache, fever and one suspected malaria.
We can only pray for the sick and provide them with very simple medication. Surprisingly, the people there are full of faith and miracle healing is quite common. 
Saturday evening service was conducted and also Sunday service. The attendance could had been better but   this is planting and harvesting month and many adults were away.
Our two ladies gave basic classes, teaching them the alphabet and counting. They are bright and very attentive. They remember what they learn. Unfortunately, they have no opportunity to go to school.
These children can remember gospel songs!
 The youths there are attentive to the bible teaching....
... and irrespective of age, they are always ready to come forward to nail their sins and confessions on the cross!
Look at this, our city folk would have backed out. They are full of faith, ready to confess and forgive each other. We were called to visit a family where there were conflict. They wanted to seek reconciliation and forgiveness. At the end, they all hug each other ... all conflicts were remove.
This is my first instalment... more to come.
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matthew said...

May Heavenly Father grant mercy and blessing onto them.May whoever go to Ulu Belage to evangelise the kingdom of God to these Penans be blessed abundantly.