Thursday, December 08, 2011

How to remove visceral fat (Belly fat)

Visceral fat is fat that surrounds the internal organs.  Some people call it "hidden fat."  It most commonly collects around the mid-section, as this is where a majority or our major
internal organs are located.  Most of this type of fat builds around the stomach area.
Visceral fat is different from other types of fat that are closer to the skin.  This type of fat is more dangerous, and can increase the risks of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.  It can also cause high cholesterol.  Developing this type of fat creates a more serious health risk than other types of fat that are stored on other areas of the body.

I attended a talk by a doctor and he recommended walking.
 To remove belly fat, you need to (obviously) exercise. AND you need to ensure that during exercise, your heartbeat reaches 60-70% of 220-your current age. For example, if you are now 50 years old. You need to ensure that your heartbeat is between (220-50)x0.6 to (220-50)x0.7. The heart beat works out to be 102 to 119. At this heartbeat, your body burn fat from your belly! So, when you exercise, measure your heartbeat! There is a heartbeat measuring gadget you could buy from the pharmacy or just count your pulse. To make life easy for you, below is a table showing the age and optimal heartbeat for a flat belly!

30114 to 133
32112.8 to 131.6
34111.6 to 130.2
36110.4 to 128.8
38109.2 to 127.4
40108 to 126
42106.8 to 124.6
44105.6 to 123.2
46104.4 to 121.8
48103.2 to 120.4
50102 to 119
52100.8 to 117.6
5499.6 to 116.2
5698.4 to 114.8
5897.2 to 113.4
6096 to 112
6294.8 to 110.6
6493.6 to 109.2
6692.4 to 107.8
6891.2 to 106.4
7090 to 105


matthew said...

Brother,Is that your belly?I also got belly fat.Is it a sign of prosperity?

William said...

Haha, brother. This one belong to a man who is 4 months pregnant! The Chinese equate this to prosperity but actually it is a death sentence.