Monday, December 05, 2011

Confirmed 100% crocodile!

Finally my friend Musa shot this picture today around lunch time... is there any more dispute that this fellow is indeed a crocodile and not just a giant monitor lizard! Our friend from Miri City Council should see this picture!
Thanks to Musa for allowing me to post this picture. The council has finally set up trap! Go to Musa's fb album to see all the photos.


wenn said...


William said...

Wenn, too small to be of danger at the moment. But it will grow big.

ian said...

I'm pretty sure that's a monitor lizard.

Come to think of it, those things in the Crocodile Farm?

Monitor lizards, all of them.

Should've called it Monitor Lizard Farm.

William said...

ian, they also have snakes, etc. Might as well call it The Miri Reptile Farm!
You are sure that is a monitor lizard? It has been caught now and is staying with the other uncles and aunties at the Reptile Farm!

Ian said...

Well, we should seek the genius Dep. Mayor.

I'm pretty sure it's monitor lizard, dude. *cough* o_o

"Steve Irwin, Monitor Lizard Hunter."

William said...

eh, he is a lawyer! Looks like giant lizard, smell like giant lizard, crawl like grant lizard, but let's put up more signs...HAHAHA

Matthew said...

It is said as monitor lizard so as to keep away the anxious public and then they can set the trap quietly.I think so.