Friday, November 11, 2011

Extra Busy this month...

Many thought that after retirement, life will be easier and more relaxing. However, I experience the otherwise. So, what are the major differences?
1. More freedom to do what I want
2. Time is controlled by myself
3. As I am following my passion, I find that my time is now "sold" to my customers. So, in a way, this contradict the two above!

This month has been a very busy month for me. So busy that, I have no time to update my blog. There were 1000s of photos. Today, I have three functions to record. Although money return is small, I found a lot of satisfaction in doing things which I have always wanted to do.

Some pictures taken yesterday at Green Summit away day to lighten your day ...
 Mummies wrapping ... need to be able to dance ... etc!
 Bread eating competition ... anyone?
Somehow, men fancy to be dressed with huge busts! Lots of hilarious photos but no time to post.

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