Friday, November 11, 2011

Crocodile at Bulatan Finally Spotted!

This morning I armed myself with my 200mm prime lens wanting to shoot the new signboard put up by the city council. The signboard actually face the lake, reminding the living thing in the water to beware of the crocodile spotted by many and yet not captured on a real camera!
 I think the positioning of the signboard is a brilliant idea as the croc is of no harm to human at the moment.
I joined my usual "walking friends" for the morning walk and they finally all left at 8:30AM.
During my final round, I thought my 20/20 long vision spotted two distinctive eyes above the water!
As I walked closer, I confirmed what I saw was indeed our friendly, now famous friend, the crocodile of Bulatan Park! The inset is a larger view. No, this is real and not a photoshop of some other crocodile.
As I walked closer, it quickly went under ... see the ripples. The above was taken today, 11-Nov-2011 at 8:33AM.


matthew said...

It also joined you for morning walk?Or is it waiting for you to shoot it ?BTW,congratulation.Your patience and passion finally are credited.

LadyBird said...

now with that captured in camera, wonder what's the next move by the relevant authority?

george said...

why in the 2nd last photo, there seems to be 2 crocs?! oh, should this pics be submitted to the authorities? the 'loch ness' is real after all!

William said...

Matthew: I think it was joining me for the morning sunbathing! Thanks.

Ladybird: The authority should be doing nothing.

George: the 2nd croc is just an inset, ie, I enlarged it for you all to see.

The croc will appear in all major papers tomorrow.

Sarawakiana@2 said... are the new Croc Hunter...

William said...

CY: Yes, using digital camera!

Ian said...

Your photo made the papers (Borneo Post). Congratulations !

William said...

Ian, thanks. It was printed in Sin Chew, United daily and Borneo Post. Unfortunately, Borneo Post used the image which is not clear as they didn't crop it. The other two papers used the second pic which is very clear.

DnD said...

Please come clean . . . You have the whole of in a total lather! This is you November "April Fool" joke? No?
Best regards,
Dave Elford

William said...

Dave, getting a bit tired about it! Need help to clean up everything.