Monday, June 13, 2011

Do you believe them?

I read an article in The Star regarding the strike by fishermen. They are refusing to go out fishing simply because the price of diesel is now RM1.80 per litre. What was their justification? See what the fishermen said:

“We are still buying diesel at RM1.25 per litre and we will not be able to afford a decent living if there is an increase.
“We are already spending up to RM600 sometimes RM800 a day for the diesel when we are out at sea for nine hours,” Ismail said."
If this claim is true, there is something really fishy about the diesel consumption. A quick calculation shows that their vessel consume a whooping 53 litres (600/1.25/9) of diesel per hour, ie, almost a litre a minute. If I am not wrong, that is how much a Boeing 747 jet plane consume!
The government subsides 10,000 litres a month per licensee, ie, 333 litres per day! To me this is a lot of diesel. If these licensees are operating many vessels each, they must be very profitable. Just check the prices of fish in the market. The prices are shocking! I will be travelling overseas next month and I shall compare the prices.
This plaice which used to be very cheap, ie, less than RM2/kg. It is about 4 inches across. Now... RM10/kg.
oh... RM8/kg. I think it was RM1/kg before.
When I was in primary school, I bought this fish for my neighbour for their cats. RM1 will buy a big bag!
Again, this fish was very cheap...
Also another cheap fish which fetch good prices now.


Andrik McVean said...

tht's expensive :-(

William said...

Andrik, yes! I know that those small fishes were mostly meant for making animal food in UK. What are the prices of fish in UK now?

matthew said...

We the consumers are always the axe of whatever stern measures levied by the government and yet we cannot do anything to protest our rights.

Philip said...

Whole plaice - £7.95 (39RM) per kilio

Salmon - £15 (74RM) per kilo

I am visiting Miri in July and looking forward to the fresh fish!


William said...

Matthew: People are always loser!

Philip: £7.95 is considered cheap as the minimum wage is about £7.00per hour. So working for 8 hours can buy about 7 kilos. Over here, the badly paid workers earn about RM20 per day and can only buy 2 kg or far less. The plaice there are quite big which cost about RM14/kg here.

Salmon cost about RM80/kg here. For chilled Salmon, which my friend used to import, they cost about RM50/kg.
We will be in UK in July.