Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Accident at Pujut 4C/Pujut 5 Junction

This evening, we witness a three-car accident at Pujut 4C/Pujut 5 junction.
We were told that the Kancil did not stop at the junction and drove right across knocking into the blue Toyota Camry.
The kiss left the kancil badly dented and some minor dent for the Toyota. The door was hit by ...
another Proton. And you can see the damage... But thanks God that the people were all safe!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Miri drivers are very careless and they even drive at top speed rounding corners and cutting into people's lane (makan jalan orang) at traffic lights!!

Those with big cars do not care about traffic rules and those will small cars taken opportunities like badminton players...cari lobang!!

In the end...accidents occur. If we have more respect for each other...there won't be accidents.

Thank you.

William said...

haha... you are describing most Malaysian drivers!

There were so many accidents along the smaller road in Pujut.

sintaicharles said...

Hope the drivers are alright. I am sure many people were rubbernecking at the scene.

William said...

sintaicharles, all human escape with no injuries.