Thursday, May 05, 2011

Their exams start today - pls pray for them

Time flies! It has been almost five years ago since they left home to study in a far away land in UK.
Today, is the beginning of their 4 days of exams. It is tough and requires lots of clarity in their mind, as what Janice said in her blog:

" I need prayers! For my exams, esp OSCE! Also pray for others sitting for 5th yr finals: Esther, Thaz, Yau, MH, Cindy, Bette, Ryle n Sing Yee. I think we are all prepared for exams (in terms of knowledge) already but having knowledge is useless if we don't know how to apply it. Nerves are always the main problem which can deter us from thinking clearly and cause us to stumble in our words. So do pray for God's peace and His clarity.

My exams schedule:
5,6th May - written n slide show
11,12th May- OSCE"

OSCE exam is the most feared part of their exam. I think they need to go through 18 stations (simulated patients). After the exams, it also mark the end of their formal education in medical school.
If you know how to pray, please pray for them. Otherwise, pray this exam prayer for them and all their friends:

Our almighty God and Father in heaven, I wanted to acknowledge that you are our God, Lord and Father, You have control over everything. We wanted to thank You for all Your blessing in our lives. Today, I ask Lord that you release your grace and mercy on my (William) two daughters Esther and Janice and all their friends,  Man Hon, Yau Chia Chuin, Thaz Min, Cindy Wong, Fariha Hashim, Kaajal K, Julian Chow and Ryle Leung. As today is the beginning of their final medical school exam, Lord, I ask that Your Holy Spirit to be with them. Lord, give them clarity in their thought, take away their anxiety, give them peace, give them understanding to the questions and help them to answer all questions accurately and clearly. As they go through the OSCE exam, Lord, I ask that You give them extra wisdom, understanding and application of their knowledge. Help them to speak clearly and put the right words in their mouths. Take away all their fear, negative thought and nervousness. Give them peace, clarity in their mind and help them to remember what they have studied. As they go through the final few hours of revision, prompt them to study what is important. I also pray that the "patients" in all the OSCE stations will cooperate with them and will not "play them up". Almighty Father, give them good health during these few days. Help them to rest, sleep and eat well.
I commit all of them unto your almighty hands. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen!


Cynthia said...

all the best to both of them... will keep them in my prayers..

reanaclaire said...

God listens and answers!

matthew said...

May God grant them all the wisdom to tackle the examinATION and pass the final exam with flying colours.And may the evrything glorifies our Heavenly father 's kingdom .Keep it up,girls!

suituapui said...

Good luck, all the best and God bless. Hope you will do well.

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William said...

Thanks to all your prayers!