Friday, May 06, 2011

Singapore General Election

Singapore is going to the poll tomorrow 7-May 2011. I am actually not qualified to say anything as I am not a witness myself. However, there are something worth noticing as I read them from the e-news:
1. The opposition ceramah crowd is as big as we see in Sarawak, ie, >10,000 strong! This is creating history!
2. Singapore prime minister apologise for mistakes made! In Malaysia, they were covering up!
3. Strong support for opposition at many places
4. They are also asking for change, ie, ubah!
5. The opposition candidate is as young as 24! Looking at our new DAP candidates, they were also very young.
These are all their various political parties:

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suituapui said...

I don't know but I seem to sense a phenomenon among young people - frustrated, anti-establishment sentiments, very negative outlook...even at their workplace, in the schools - many of the young teachers - not very healthy. I'm sure it will affect their work, and it will affect their students...and the vicious cycle goes on.

In the past, we just worked and served and tried the best we could to do the best we could and we stuck through every trial and tribulation along the way, loyal to the end. We stayed at home and took care of our elders. Maybe we were just plain stupid.

These days, the young people change jobs like they change their underwear...and many do not even bother to come home to see their parents. Holiday time - Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea...anywhere but home (even though they actually stay in condos and drive flashy cars that their parents paid for using their hard-earned savings!!...)

William said...

STP: You have the same observations and me. Fully agree with you.

Very sad situation. For the young people, enjoy life first. I think that is the value which has been instilled unconsciously by the parents.