Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ceramah 12-April-2011

I went to the SUPP ceramah just after 7PM at Pelita. I was disappointed that it was just a playback of recording. I am not sure whether they have some warm bodies speaking later. Haih... no one pay attention to the recording!
After a meeting with my friends, I went to the DAP ceramah at 10:45PM held at Boulevard Peking Duck Restaurant. ...
He was the last speaker of the night. He is good! From far, I thought there was quarreling!
The crowd was huge! It jam up the whole crossroad. No chair was never a problem as they brought their own! They disperse only after everything was over, ie, around 11:20PM!
After the speech, it was time for autograph.
I took a picture with the superman speaker of the evening! Don't get me wrong, I take picture with all the "stars" including those from SUPP.


Janice said...

Haha daddy so cute lol. Esther said I smile like you :D

Anonymous said...

When there is a real crisis that will abuse the pple's welfare,many heroes will emerge.he is one of them.
Good work.

William said...

Janice: Really ah?! Thanks.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Nice to see you with Superman....LOL

lasapka said...

superman where need to wear cermin mata? lolz