Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ceramah 11-April-2011

Tonight ceramah was at Boulevard. Both SUPP and DAP ceramah were held almost next to each other. As usual, DAP continues to pull the huge crowd.
People came prepared with chair!
At the BN side, there is hardly anyone listening. The message was played and no one was there.
 Arrival of YB Lim Kit Siang
 As usual, they went on stage...
 ... and later, autograph
 DAP has a good MC... young and dynamic!
 One of the speakers ... from Sabah
 This was the size of the crowd. There were more behind me.
 Young lawyer Ling, who is one of the contestants.
 The speeches were captivating!
 He is from Kelantan.
I went back to BN side to take a look. He was there busy defending the wealth of our CM... he was saying that if people know how to do business, RM10 could become RM100K, then to RM1M, etc. Apparently he is currently staying in China and come back to Miri occasionally. There was hardly anyone listening. Ya... ya... Hearing him speak, I felt like my simple intelligence has been insulted! I think BN must spend time telling the people what they can offer rather than repeating "opposition only knows how to point and scold; you help me I help you". The extreme negative message about pak moh's wealth should have been addressed before the election rather than dragging on to now. The BN must address the centre issues of unhappiness immediately after they lost Sibu seat many moons ago. To me, the main issues are: corruption (swept under the carpet), land lease (renewal is cheapest in Malaysia but we wanted it free or extended), NCR land (given to "development"- just go and see the polluted rivers and how the native feels), freedom of religion (should never be an issue as it is in the constitution), bible issue (should never be an issue in Sarawak as it is one of 18 points agreement), fairness - big issues here everywhere! This is how I felt and could be wrong. If wrong, the BN should give us the correct version.
YB Lim was the last to speak. Despite the time, ie 11:00+PM, the crowd stays on! I had to leave earlier.
I estimate the crowd at 6K people.
Tomorrow ceramah will be at the Peking duck restaurant at the cross road in Boulevard.
More high powered speaker. Go to listen... go go...


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Friend you are faster than the newspapers!! Good photos!amang. Keep us informed!!

Ling @ Lim said...

Sarawakians are fed up with the BN and it's truly time for a change. The times they are a-changin', my friends!

matthew said...

Teach BN a lesson.If they genuinely take care of all races,let the Pei Ming or Du Zhong certificate be on par recognise by government.Challenge the cabinet to announce this.

richardngu said...

Nice reporting, Bill. Thanks.