Monday, March 14, 2011

Nikon D7000 body is now cheaper

Last Friday, there were some new products announcement by Nikon, mostly on compact camera. I haven't received any details yet...
... However, I was told that there is one good news, ie, the price for D7000 body only is now reduced by some RM200. I have not received the official price yet. So, let's wait for a day or two. The price remain the same for kit set. I have noticed the price differential between body and kit unit ever since the camera was announced.


yuliang nikon said...

nikon d7000 is a serious performer and worth the price

winston said...

i plan to buy one soon.. since their anniversary by end of mar 2011.. so i will wait..

my current price is rm4450.. best deal i could get so far.. will it be better?... just wait

William said...

yuliang nikon: Yes, so far, I think this is the best performer within this price range.

winston: RM4450 is lowyat price. I am not sure whether it is a good idea to buy there or not because they will get you to buy lots of other accessories and if you don't, I was told that they will start to give excuses not to sell.
Beside, I give support and will also teach you how to use and attend my class at a discount! My price is RM4580. Almost the same as Fotokem.