Monday, March 14, 2011

Fake Ligo Whole Kernel Corn product

On Saturday, Ligo ran a big advertisement in the local paper warning consumer about fake Ligo Whole Kernel Corn. I have been suspecting that this popular product has imitation for a very long time already due to the inconsistency in product quality. I just wonder what is taking them so long to warn the consumer.

So, how serious is the situation. I did a count in my cabinet yesterday and found that only 30% of the number of tins are real!! They are all bought from a large hypermarket in Miri!!
The favorite sweet corn... supposely from USA.
How can you recognise the fake product? There are many places that gave the clue. 1. Spelling mistake; 2. No distributor address; 3. Different bar code; 4: Printing colour is more orange.
This was the advertisement. Click on the picture above and you can read the email in order for you to write to them and complain.


LadyBird said...

thank you for the information. :)

Anonymous said...

Just went to my mom-in-law cabinet looking for the Ligo that she bought from the largest hypermarket in Miri last weekend.
Indeed there are differences with the original one (she still got the old stock).
No wonder they can sell it so cheap!!!
Thanks a lot for the info.

goolooloo said...

Ive always warn my mom to be careful, but since her eyesight is not so good, those little wordings hardly to get her attention. There's too much fake products in the market nowadays..

William said...

I found during the weekend that there were two very large supermarkets in town selling the fake product. They have a little mountain of them!

Photography Tips said...

Thanks for the information. Id didnt know about this at all. Im going to check the local supermarket at the weekend.

Louis said...

Lets boycott those supermarkets that selling these fake (& may be dangerous) products to the consumers!

How could they do this?

Thanks William for sharing all these great info (and all the variety of postings) in your blogs with yr readers. Much appreciated.

William said...

Photo tips: yeah... do it!

Louis: Perhaps not dangerous except that their cost could be RM1.20 and sell for RM2.40. Original Ligo cost could be RM1.60. See what I mean.