Thursday, March 31, 2011

How to score when you didn't study!

When I was in upper Secondary school, objective test was first introduced into the examination. I simply hate objective test because the answers were all similar. It also means that I must really know the subject well in order to pass. I remember my teacher once said that if you scored 25% in objective test, you actually know nothing!
Statistically, someone found that ticking "B" for every question may even help the student to score high grade. So, one student actually ticked "B" for the 100 questions in 5 minutes and he scored 47%!! He didn't study at all!
So, the next time you didn't study for an exam, try ticking "B" for every question. Ok, do so at your own risk!


i e R said...

hahaha! dont teach children wrong thing :P

(i know i did that few time in my days)

William said...

hahaha... so you did the same thing!? This trick is taught openly in some school. So nothing new here... except perhaps for some.

Nil said...

I had a lecturer once whose name was David and he gave us 100 question objective final exam that was open book. All the answers were D. And after 30 or so D ticks, even the best student begins to doubt. I scored a 95 n finished the exam in 30 mins instead of allocated 2 hours. I just intentionally changed answer to Q 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100

William said...

Nil, nice to see you here!

I would also be worry if I see all the answers are "D".