Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Free meals, buy 1 free 2

Perhaps this is the best deal of the century from McDonald. I think what they are doing is to try to develop the eating habit of the locals so that they will "Think breakfast, think McDonald!". But to change the eating habit may be a little difficult for many as we still think that char mee, kolo mee, etc, are still tastier. But who knows, they may be successful to attract more breakfast dinners.
So, we went to McDonald at almost 10:30AM on Saturday. We were a little disappointed because our favorite was not on the menu or rather the price had gone up by almost RM2! Also, some of our favorites were "sold out". I saw one angry customer storm out of the store yelling "bodoh"! Haha... ok ok... my son told me that in the morning, there was only one queue and you have to wait for 30 minutes! Oh, we ended up not buying anything on last Saturday. The boys were disappointed.
First drive through McDonald in Senadin, Miri.
Outside of the restaurant.
The queue inside the restaurant last Saturday.


i e R said...

the queue is always terrible. its their management or system is still in mess, they really need a good manager redo the management of the service time...

suituapui said...

Sibu also... Queue right up to the road. Nota fan of McD's...so don't expect me to do that, never mind how cheap!