Monday, November 01, 2010

Shell Long Service Award 2010

Last Friday night, Shell celebrated long service award for more than 100 staff. They clocked in a total of 5610 years! The evening was marked by a sumptuous nice dinner ...
Lobster cold dish. Honestly, I didn't really taste any lobster meat. So just wonder where they have gone to! 
A large pomfret ... a nice dish
A colleague made these cup cakes!
The dinner menu
This group celebrated their 35 years of long service. Some of them look surprising young. 
My wife received her 30 years service certificate. Each one also get a special pewter photo frame engraved with the grand old lady.


flowe said...

this blogger has a beautiful and sexy wife.congratulation.

suituapui said...

Congrats to your missus. You leh? Already got yours in the past? Your missus looks you too. Hey! In fact, you two resemble one another - must be the years and years of living together. People say that happens. LOL!!!

P.S. The food looks good. Must be expensive, one table like that.

William said...

flower: Thanks!

STP: Me ah... just 29 years. Not sure whether I can make it to 30 years. Yes, I was told that if you have a pet dog living together, soon, either the dog is like the owner or the other way round.
I am not surprised that a table cost RM800-1K.
Oh, if you want yourself to look young, just send me a high resolution photo of yours and I will turn the clock back by 10 years for you.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Hey you mean you doctored the last photo? Just kidding but in real life Teresa does really look both have really good skin tone and texture...ahem. Congrats. Naomi is back. Got your tickets for the World Congress?

William said...

CY: Hehe... yes.

Naomi is back? Good. Have a good time.

Just got my ticket yesterday. Thanks for your headup.

Twilight said...

Your wife really look young!!! What cream she uses?

William said...

Twinlight: Digitally manipulated to look young. Well, actually she seldom uses cream or any makeup. Just enough sleep and eat well.