Thursday, October 28, 2010

You think you can't cook?

Recently our company organised a huge party with probably 500 tables of guests. To cater for all the food, the company engaged some very popular restaurants and hotels. We were all familiar with all those restaurants and we naturally have high expectation! Looking at the menu, the names of all the dishes were not fanciful, perhaps rather plain names.
When this dish was served, someone told me at another table that they are eating fried eggs, apparently with too much baking soda added for frying. At our table, I saw some unfamiliar dark bits on something! Checking the menu, the nearest we thought must be the Oyster Omelette! So, what do you think is this thing?
After sinking my teeth into this tart, I knew immediately that it was made from pineapple. Ok, the taste was good and the deco... I think it was done by kids learning how to coordinate the hand movement.
Anyway, many years ago, I went to a friend's home and I tried to cook something. It turned out to be disaster, too salty, too... Now, I realised that you cannot cook properly when you are in a new environment as proven by these cooks. So, if you are a daughter-in-law and did badly in cooking, I hope the MIL will be more understanding now.


wenn said...

true, cooking always vary..can't be perfect sometimes.

suituapui said...

No excuse... Restaurants here cater for big functions at Dewan Suarah or Sacred Heart School Hall - at least 100 tables, no problem at all. Maybe they cannot cope with such a huge crowd. Should complain...ask for discount!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I think an over ambitious restaurant and host may really bring in must be prepared in a reasonable good environment with proper planning etc...chefs like Jamie Oliver keeps things simple and under control to bring out the best taste...well 10 000 people feast? May the whole village has to turn out to cook a decent meal..and a few chefs to keep things under control...chicken may turn into frogs...hahahahah. To me cooking for a large number of people is a nightmarish challenge...can have a heart attack...anything can go wrong from the word GO.

flower said...

Suituapui,this type of irresponsible restaurants should be blacklisted or else many will have their life spans discounted due to eating their "foods'.