Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hybrid Cars

If I believe the press, excise duty for hybrid cars will be removed from next year for cars below 2000cc. Quote from The Star "It is estimated that the Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius, now costing RM129,000 and RM175,000 respectively, would have a new price tag of RM100,980 and RM128,046 correspondingly following the excise duty exemption." The main question would be the cost of running the car. I looked at only one aspect of "cost of ownership" (operating cost), ie, fuel consumption.
The above report is from a US government website. If we are having the same model in Malaysia, my simple conclusion is that your monthly bill for fuel is reduced by about 30-40%!
So, if you are buying a new car, perhaps you should onsider a hybrid car for the sake of our planet earth.

Update: I was told that every battery cost about RM3,000 and there are seven of them. Battery needs replacement between 5-7 years. That will make you about RM20,000 poorer!


Ian said...

I've been told that the batteries are 3k each for the Prius, 7K for the whole pack in the Honda.

I arrived at this figure when talking to the salesman about the Prius and the Honda battery figure is from a friend who's a proud owner of a 130K Civic Hybrid (who by now should be unhappy about the 30K devaluation of his car).

Please don't take my words as fact though as I could given the wrong figures.

This price cut is good news for me as I'm interested in a Honda hybrid. I'm aware of the batteries of new tech and am prepared for the additional 7K should the batteries end its life outside of the warranty period if the above figure holds true.

Ian said...

By the way, here's what I've written about the cars. Please have a read if this interests you as well.