Wednesday, October 20, 2010

ARPS & FPSM award for Siew

The president of Miri Photographic Society was awarded Distinction as Fellow of the Society of Photographers - Malaysia and Associate of Royal Photographic Society of UK. Mr Siew organised a dinner to celebrate  his success.
Mr. Ting, Ex President, gave an opening speech.
Presentation of present
More presentation of present
Cheers ....
The happy couple tonight.
Thanks and congratulation to Mr. Siew.


reanaclaire said...

hello William..coming by to visit your blog and catching up with the posts..
have a nice day...

Sarawakiana@2 said...

An honour for Mr. Siew!! And Miri.

all3 said... student's parents!!

flower said...

Photograpgy is an art that amuse many empty souls.Many will join this hobby if the equipments are not that expensive.Congratulations to Mr Siew.

Merryn said...

hi hi... wow.. congrats to Mr. Siew :)

Have a nice weekend William :D

William said...

Claire: Thanks. We need to visit each other more!

CY: Indeed.

all3: Oh, he must be good in photography too!

flower: Yes, good equipment is so expensive!

Merryn: Thanks. You have a nice weekend too.

t.p.tong said...

Congratulations Mr.Siew ! Keep up the good work and leadership !
from Sibu.

William said...

hi Fender, thanks for your visit!