Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Macro Photography - flower

I spend some time last week at Bulatan Park, Miri, looking for flowers. Big flowers were easy to find but then, I found a lot of beauties at ground level. They were normally being stepped upon by people.  Enjoy...
This flower is everywhere...
This type is tiny. You need to look really hard for them.The petal is about 3-5 mm only.
This one has fallen to the ground otherwise, they were high up on the trees.
They are very tiny flowers. Perhaps, only 10mm across.
This one was on a tree. It is quite big.
Macro photography is not easy and very demanding. If you don't have a macro lens,  you can't snap those tiny flowers or you will not get the effect.


Teresa Ting said...

Good pieces of photography. These flowers came up nice and beautiful under your lens and expertise. Usually, we will never ever or even notice such small beautiful things because they are so small and insignificant, hidden in the grass on the ground.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Agree with Teresa.....you must give a demo ....soon!