Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Belian Furniture

Egg shop in Seberkas, Miri has moved to e-mart and a new furniture shop is now in its place. They are selling furniture made from belian (iron wood) and they are very solid. Belian is beautiful and very lasting. I personally like them very much. The only issue is perhaps the prices. But, I strongly believe that those furniture  were built to last 100 years or more!
The shop front
Table. Notice the thickness of the table top.
Another super table. They are built to last!
Another table. Look at the stools...
A belian bed set!
They have a mountain of chopping board. They are probably one of the few items not made from belian. Chopping board made from Belian is no good as the wood is brittle. Chopping anything on it will be spoilt with tiny bits of wood chip!


suituapui said...

Would love to have a look at that. These days...the furniture...look nice but such poor quality and they use glue - will become wobbly after some time.

stephanie said...

oo..will termites be able to eat the furniture?

William said...

STP: This one is heavy... in fact, very heavy! The quality is not bad.

Stephanie: The teeth will break as it is so hard! It is the only wood I knew which termites hate.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

That's a nice place to lepak!