Sunday, July 11, 2010

Which Internet browser are you using?

Once upon a time, I was stuck to IE. Then I realise that Firefox is great as it is fast and allows multiple tab. However, IE and Firefox crash more often now and out of desperation, I search for alternative. I tried Chrome a few months back and it was bad at that time. Now, I have been using Chrome without any problem. The best part is that it allows me to upload 200 photos to Facebook in one go without a problem. Firefox has been most unreliable in uploading photos to FB. In the office, IE seems to be hopelessly unreliable.
Now, I am stuck to Chrome. FB upload is good and Hotmail works properly. What are you using? The chart above shows that Chrome is still catching up. But IE still account for almost half of all browsers, for obvious reason.
I am hoping that Chrome can be made "portable" like Firefox, ie, run from pendrive.

p/s: After posting this blog, I found that there is a portable version which can be downloaded from They have other software as well which are "portable", ie, installable on pendrive.


i e R said...

i like opera, mainly the reason, opera sucks at executing Java scripts... and if u wonder why? 90% of hijacker site uses Java scripting to load viruses onto computers. if opera cant runs it, u are 90% times more safe then any browser ;)

anyhow, i dont seem to see many 'great' site fully utilize java, hence, a crippled java browser wont miss much ;)

pikey said...

I have IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Flock in my PC but mostly I stick to Firefox and Chrome.

William said...

ieR: Bright idea! Thanks for sharing about Opera. Perhaps I would like to try.

pikey: You reminded me of Flock. I used it before. Actually it wasn't too bad.

suituapui said...

I use Chrome too. No problem, so I just stick to it.

ian said...

As you've mentioned, Internet Explorer isn't really good. In fact, the "IE centric-ness" can still be felt on certain web sites, like certain banking sites which REQUIRES the use of IE to access (a prime example is Maybank's Stocks and Shares site), where they failed to update to more open standards or at least update their sites to work with other platforms.

In fact, the web site I mentioned REQUIRED IE6, and only version 6, as later versions of IE did not work too.

If anyone recall the days of Internet Explorer vs. Netscape, it is more than just an issue of trying to gain internet marketshare. IE 3.0 added support for ActiveX, a way to build complex interface controls within web pages that would *only* run on Windows.

It went downhill from there, development pretty much stopped on web standards - Netscape’s BLINK tag, and Microsoft MARQUEE tag. Remember those? Useless additions to the web.

When MS bundled IE with Windows, it basically killed off Netscape and throughout much of the 90s, there was no practical advancement of HTML for almost a decade. The layman wouldn't know anything about this, but IE was solely to blame on nearly ZERO development of the HTML standard in that period.

This, amongst more reasons, is why Microsoft has been found to be guilty of anti-competitive behavior for IE (and other things).

Things looked up recently after Firefox was released with Netscape being reborn as Mozilla. We are a lot better off nowadays as we have more variety of choices, and from a technical point of view, we're better off with open standards (mozilla, html etc.) than with de facto standards (ie, windows, flash).

^SpRInG^ said...

I wonder where did you get this statistics from. I don't think it is quite accurate.

Anyways, so far, Chrome and Firefox are the best in terms of performance.

William said...

Ian: Thanks for your entry. It refreshes my mind!

SpRinG: My statistics is for "Popularity". Popularity is not equal to performance and like what Ian said, many applications are IE centric which means it was built around the "functionalities" of IE. Like in our office, it is 100% IE as some apps simply won't work with other browsers.
My statistics was based on visitor to my blog.