Monday, July 12, 2010

Kitchen Tips

Tip 1: You use a ceramic water filter which can be painfully slow. To overcome this, I used a container to collect the water before hand.

Tip 2: Kitchen wall can be oily and difficult to clean. How do you clean it in the quickest way? First, wet a sponge with washing liquid. Run over the surface of the wall to be cleaned. Then use a stainless steel wool to scrape off the oily deposit. Wipe it clean with a soapy sponge again.

Tip 3: You bought an expensive circular can opener. However, after a few months, the knob and moving parts become rusty and difficult to turn. You can't spray WD40 on it. Easy, use cooking oil instead and grease the moving part. ieR suggested that the can opener should be greased first before use. Actually, you should grease it often.

Tip 4: You like jack fruit but you hate the sticky latex sticking to the knife you use. Easy, just apply some cooking oil on the knife and the latex dissolve.

Tip 5: You like yam but cutting the skin off can cause terrible itch on your hands. There are two solutions here: Make sure that the yam stay dry when you scrape the skin. Or, apply "skin seal" or invisible glove before working on it. However, if the skin itch, dry it with cloth and put your hand over an open flame. Somehow, the itch goes away quickly with the heat from the open flame, eg, gas fire.
ieR is concerned that you may burn off all the hair on your hands. This may indeed happen if you don't exercise common sense!
It is the sticky liquid from the yam that is causing all the itch. So, never wet the yam before peeling the skin or you will experience the worse itch in your life!

Additional tips:
To peel yam, use a fast peeler!

To remove dirt off the collar of your shirt easily, apply Lux soap on the dirty part. So, don't use Lux soap too much on your skin!


reanaclaire said...

hi william.. just wanna ask u whether u like to write a paid post about nurses uniform?
email me if u do..

i e R said...

1. agreed

2. sometimes, pouring hot water helps faster then scraping. and i believe soap help remove oil better then detergent/washing liquid, (fight oil with oil) as hand soap are made from oil too. (test it out for me? :P kitchen not my domain :( haha)

3. agreed, put the oil before even start using, also, make sure after wash, dont stack them with the spoon and fork, put is somewhere it can dry up faster.

4. old school trick works the best! :D

5. i have no idea bout this! but i do know peeling thicker of the skin off so, well, it wont cause throat itchiness.

and be careful when u put ur hand over the open fire, it might burn ur whole hand's hairs. can we soak towel with hot water and apply on the itch area??

flower said...

Tip 5 :- Last times I peeled off the skin under the running water. It itched badly. Then I tried ordinary plastic to cover my both hands, it did not work well. Last month, I tried like what you said, peel it dry. It works. No itch at all. I haven't tried out hands above the heat.
Thanks for the tips

William said...

Claire: I don't mind if the price is worth my effort.

ieR: Pouring hot water on the wall is too dangerous. So, no go! Talking about soap, detergent, washing liquid, I found that Lux soap is the most effective in removing oil. I have tested this b4. :)
3: Agree. Forgot to mention that!

5: Hahaha... throat itchiness is because of certain type of yam! I love pinang yam - the purple type. But itch is serious ler! Can drive me crazy.
Make sure that the hand is away from the flame or you have bbq hand.

Flower: Under running water is the worse! The sticky liquid will spread all over your hands. However, if you use warm water, it may help.

Ok, always peel it dry and if you still get the itch, warm your hand over the flame.

wenn said...

very useful tips! thx!