Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RWO-SHR Health Talk 7:00PM Today @ Pustaka Miri

Rwo-Shr Health Method is giving a health talk at Pustaka, Wednesday, 14-July-2010, 7:00PM. Do go and find out more about this particular method to personal wellness. It will be in Mandarin translated to English. The talk is personally given by Dr. Thonet Chen, President and Founder of Rwo-Shr Health Method. To find out more click here. Entrance is free! Don't miss the opportunity!
Please note that this talk has nothing to do with direct sales and there is NO presentation about products. RWO-SHR is doing a lot of charity work and this is part of their program.
Dr Thonet Chen showing off his latest book, summarizing his 47 years of works and research.


像石頭般 古樸、自然、至真 的健康方法





3.以“易學” 哲理來詮釋與運用


Denomination of RWO-SHR Health Method
“RWO-SHR” means 'like a stone' ingenuous, natural and solid.

Theoretical Foundation of RWO-SHR Health Method
RWO-SHR health method is a combination three main theories involved:
1.Use modern medical theory as foundation.
2.Use Chinese traditional medical as structure.
3.Definition and application by “Yi” principle.(Chinese philosophy) With scientific proof as well as clinical experiments, the complete whole set Rwo-Shr Health Method was integrated.

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