Sunday, July 18, 2010

RWO-SHR Health Method

I have been very busy over the weekend attending a course on RWO-SHR Health Method. It is an intensive course on foot reflexology. At the end of it, I think this is something very effective.
Correct way of holding the Josef Bar. The handling is different for every "spot".
The formation of the "fingers" to apply pressure.
Testimonies of Rwo-Shr Method are plentiful. If you have any chronic problem, do pay Rwo-Shr center in Miri a visit! Do you have paralysis after an accident or stroke or whatever? Are you dependent on drug for some health issues? Whatever health problem you may have, even if it is severe, eg, cancer, give them a call. The result may surprise you!
After I have organised all the photos, I will post some of the more common health problems here and treatment by Rwo-Shr method.

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