Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Once upon a time - my little dream!

In 1974, when I first came out from school, I thought of becoming a nurse! Well, a male nurse. At that time, my first thought was to leave home and go far away to learn and return. I had always wanted to go overseas to study but my parents didn’t have much money to allow me to realize my dream. I was looking through newspaper very often to look for opportunities. I first applied to Singapore military to become a pilot. I was too skinny then. Later, I applied to become a nurse in UK. I was called for interview but I had no money to buy a bus ticket or not brave enough to go as it was in Ipoh.
Until today, whenever I saw a male nurse, memories of yesteryear flooded my mind. I thought, I could be in one of those smart looking uniform worn by nurses. Talking about uniform worn by nurses, I did a research for the last two days and realized that nurses’ uniforms have gone thorough changes ever since Miss Nightingale’s school of nursing first came out with a design which probably resembled the habit of nun. Today, there are many varieties of uniforms and they seems to vary from country to country.
Also, nurses' uniforms can actually be bought on line and looking through the web pages, I found that Nursing Uniforms is actually selling a whole lot of nurses' goodies, from the normal scrub to some very fashionable wears (scrub tops). Besides, they also have lab coat! In addition, they also carry five popular brands, eg, Medcouture. It is like a superstore of nursing wear! It is an eye opener for me. So, if you are looking for uniforms for the medical profession, I believe you should visit their online store!

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