Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding photos from my Hasselblad

The photos on my previous post for Herbert and Ubong's wedding were taken using my Nikon. I also brought along my digital Hasselblad to try out for a real field experience. The good thing about this camera is that I could take full body shot and later, I cropped it like the picture here.
This is the first time I used this camera for taking wedding photos indoor/outdoor and group photos. I have to say that I am very happy with the result and the colour was very natural. I found that Hasselblad is definitely not easy to use but once I got used to it and understand the camera, I found that it is quite a joy to use especially when I see the result.
Having used film camera for taking photos definitely have helped me to understand this camera more.
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Anonymous said...

Hi, William

I've got a friend whose father owns a Hasselblad. He said he took about 20 minutes or so to adjust the aperture, etc before he can take a picture. Did you take that long? Hehe... It is a really good camera. The end result is really really SUPERB. Probably i will ask my husband to give you a call someday to have a shootout together. He's never seen how the Hasselblad is operated.

Ai Mee

William said...

Mirian: Thanks. I think it is indeed very much nicer.

Ai Mee: If I compare it to my Nikon D3, it is indeed a lot slower. I am comparing a split of a second to probably 2 sec. But to get the camera ready, it does take a bit longer, eg, 5 minutes. It is just a matter of getting used to it. I am still learning... your hubby is a keen photographer? We can always have a shootout.

Studio Lighting said...

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