Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Credit card scam

This morning, I read in See Hua daily news about a scam where some people were cheated of RM6000-RM8000 in Miri. Here is what I understood could have happen:

A caller would call up the victim informing him/her that the victim's credit card had been misused. The victim would be instructed to call back a certain telephone very similar to a certain hotline number from a certain bank. What I was not clear from the report was the process that follows after the victim had called. But I believe the victim must be asked to go to the nearest bank and then was asked to call back and then the victim was given instruction on what to press on the machine. Only when the process was over, the victim realized that what he/she had done was money transfer!

Remember, credit card companies don't ask caller to call back! Also, never give your credit card number and the three digit number at the back of your card away! The combination can be used for making purchases.


suituapui said...

Omigawd! Thanks for the info! Must be very very careful!!! Especially poor pensioner like me - not much money to make ends meet. Can't afford to lose any... But maybe, they wouldn't do that to poor people like me, not worth the trouble.

William said...

stp: You can never tell! On Sunday, I received a call from a mainland chinese woman telling me that I am selected for a competition which would be broadcasted live. This is a familiar old scam tactic!

Mirian: yes... keep it simple.

Thomas C B Chua said...

Trust nothing over the phone. If u need 2, confirm with known phone numbers.