Sunday, May 23, 2010

How to remove belly fat (Spare tyre)

The company organised a "Wellness program" for the employee last week and I attended a whole day session on how to reduce weight. At the end, we need to pledge a weight reduction of 10% each and will be awarded a prize after that. I need to get rid of the fat on my belly! So, I am going to share with you here today what the doctor said.
To remove belly fat, you need to (obviously) exercise. AND you need to ensure that during exercise, your heartbeat reaches 60-70% of (220-your current age).
For example, if you are now 50 years old. You need to ensure that your heartbeat is between (220-50)x0.6 to (220-50)x0.7. The heart beat works out to be 102 to 119.
At this heartbeat, your body burn fat from your belly! So, when you exercise, measure your heartbeat! There is a heartbeat measuring gadget you could buy from the pharmacy.
To make life easy for you, below is a table showing the age and optimal heartbeat for a flat belly!
Age HeartBeat
30 114 to 133
32 112.8 to 131.6
34 111.6 to 130.2
36 110.4 to 128.8
38 109.2 to 127.4
40 108 to 126
42 106.8 to 124.6
44 105.6 to 123.2
46 104.4 to 121.8
48 103.2 to 120.4
50 102 to 119
52 100.8 to 117.6
54 99.6 to 116.2
56 98.4 to 114.8
58 97.2 to 113.4
60 96 to 112
62 94.8 to 110.6
64 93.6 to 109.2
66 92.4 to 107.8
68 91.2 to 106.4
70 90 to 105


cyrildason said...

ahhhh.. all of a sudden, loosing that spare tyre I have seems more to complicated ...

suituapui said...

90-105 heartbeats??? So fast!!! Aiyor...the slower, the better. Otherwise, that old ticker may just decide to stop!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Good tip!! And how much is the heart beat gadget?

William said...

cyrildason: Not complicated lah.

STP: If you are 55, it would be 87-101 only. No, the old ticker will not stop so easily!
CY: no need gadget lah. Just count the beats in 15 sec and x4. Anyway, it is call heartbeat monitor and it looks like a watch. Cost a couple of hundreds!

theeggyolks said...

ooo..thanks for sharing :D