Sunday, May 23, 2010

Death of beautiful trees

Early on Sunday morning, I heard chainsaw just outside our house. So I went to investigate to see what is happening.
There were (are) nice and big trees along the road. They were almost 30 years old. Giving a lot of shade... I noticed that the road was blocked...
... and someone on the tree branch. No safety precaution taken and he is sitting on the big branch with chainsaw... cutting down every branch!
By 11:00AM when I went back, this was the sad sight!
This is the last tree left! Will it be the end for this tree also? Why should we always cut down tree when they are so big. They could easily be trimmed.
In other countries, trees are a treasure and they became something special, especially those really old one. For us here, they never got a chance to grow very old!
Council, please stop cutting down (big) trees. They are huge natural asset for us. Just trim the trees.


mousie said...

so sad... =(

Jon said...

^ I know right?

Sarawakiana@2 said...

MMC has made its decisions....what to do?

William said...

Mousie: Yes, so sad!

Jon: Yes

CY: Must protest!

Fan: Ah... that is news to me!

Archiereus said...

This must be the tree infront of my Father in-law's house. We were really fond of that tree as it gave us shelter from the evening sun and hot afternoon sun. Now the house will be very hot. And also in the afternoon,no point parking outside there it used to give shade for us to park. WHose big idea to cut just that one particular tree somemore.. *quite upset with this* ...during the process of the cutting, the telephone cable was disconnected because a branch fell on it.And we had to get Telekom personel to come and fix this. Sigh*

William said...

Archiereus: Yes, right in front of your FIL's house! I am upset too although it doesn't help me in anyway. But the tree was really nice! I have complained to MCC

Anonymous said...


I agreed with U, they shold not chopped down trees which are at least more then 20 years, I noticed also in Lorong 10 Bizzar, they chopped down 3 big trees which give shade and cooling. I just can't understand why they do it. Then my ex-councillor frenz told me that - co's the contractor charged City council by Kilo weight. that is why the contrcator chopped down the whole tree - to get more weight. I think we should let the Mayor know about this.

Henry Lai