Sunday, February 21, 2010

Poor Quality Sensonic Products

I bought Sensonic photo paper and Sensonic CD/DVD ROM thinking that they must be quite good as they made big claim on the label.
To my horror, their photo glossy injet paper is so bad that the ink will not stick. I used original Canon PIXMA ink and the ink smeared so badly that the printout is completely useless!
I also bought their apparent high recording speed DVD/CD ROM. But their performance is nothing but very poor with so many bad disks and extra low recording speed.
My conclusion... avoid these products! What are your experiences?


Canon In D 1909 said...

i have done some testing. so far... Dell-wasabi is the best.

i e R said...

sensonic is known as 3rd grade computer product. so is their dvd-r. avoid them. that include a lot other brands... try go for the heavier advertised brand (paying a little more) to get the best of the product ;)

William said...

Canon In D 1909: Dell-wasabi? Interesting. I need to find out also.

i e R: I agree with you. No point to pay less and get complete rubbish! My problem is that I don't mind paying but couldn't find the brand I wanted, eg, Imation

Anonymous said...

sensonic products are lousy. my friend's sensonic mouse is so hard to scroll! :O

Kong said...

I got a Sensonic S30 computer speaker to use with my Vista. Huge compatibility issue so I would also suggest looking elsewhere. But to be fair, when it works, the sound quality is pretty good with good mid range.