Thursday, February 18, 2010

Family Photos

This Chinese new year, I took family photos for my friends. This is also for me to "practice" my skill in taking family photos.
Antonio and Stephanie
Michael and Michelle
Jeremy and Sara

My family
Eric and Susie
Eric's Friends
Frederick and Nora

Comments are welcomed.


i e R said...

nice... if only u have wireless trigger... u could have use ur flash 1 or 2 feet to iether of ur side, that way, the faces wont be that flat, a little shadow casting the nose. ;)

Janice said...

Jon jon NEW SHIRT!!! first time see you smile on camera jon. WAY TO GO!! haha :P :P

mousie said...

How come most of the children in the pictures look grumpy... hahaha... something looks different about Ah Jon... hm... new hairstyle? new specs? hm....

William said...

i e R: Thanks for your comment. Looks like I really need to go into "creative lighting" seriously.
By the way, the photos are all orginal straight from the camera. I didn't tweak them. So those flatter ones were actually over exposed by half stop.

Janice: Jon Jon bought that online. He earned his own money to buy those things he longed for and enjoyed! I need to teach him how to save now.

Mousie: Tim and Jos had problem learning how to smile for the camera.
Jon - standard hairstyle, new T-shirt and a new spec.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Pretty girls and ladies...good momentos

LX said...

My family is also there...wakakaka

Sarawak Interventional Cardiologist said...

Wah! See the 3 Chee(s) in your blog. Stephanie, my sister's classmate, Michelle, my ex-classmate and Sara, my church member in Melbourne.

michelle said...

Thanks William! very nice shots for our families. We cant see any issues with lighting & etc. To us, the pictures are excellent. we volunteer to be your model anytime. ha ha ha

William said...

CY: yes

LX: Ya. Just short of you! You are in London now?

DrTang: The sisters were excited that you all "meet in cyberspace"!

Michelle: I will call you!