Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How far are you prepared to go?

This is a real story which has impacted me so much that I can remember it until today. Today, I thought I just wanted to share it here so that more people can learn a lesson out of it. It was back in the mid 60's when we were farmer, planting pepper and veggie. One day, a few guys from the agricultural department visited us introducing DDT for our agricultural use. The point they wanted to bring forward was that this DDT was not poisonous to human and they demonstrated it by actually drinking the pesticides.
Ok, we ended up using DDT for our farm for a couple of years. Then, the news hit us...DDT may cause cancer and will be banned. Then what happened to the guy who had been drinking this chemical? No one knew what had happened. But I wouldn't bother the find out because the lesson learned here is that we must never take the word of the manufacturer for granted thinking that non poisonous also means that it won't cause other problem, eg, cancer.
I found many over zealous direct sales people habitually drink or eat their product to prove that they are non poisonous. They consumed body cream, detergent, etc to prove the point. Non poisonous just means that they are won't cause immediate death. But will they cause other problem, eg, cancer or birth defect? Why take unnecessary risk?

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