Sunday, February 14, 2010

His girlfriend is so big and dark

We have a special delivery on last Friday - it is a black female rabbit passed to us by George Tang. She is going to be "given" to our male white rabbit as a temporary mate.
She is big in size and very meaty. After seeing her, we realised that our male rabbit is far too thin and underweight. She is almost double the weight and 1 inch taller.
Don't panic, ok, Snowie is only doing her bit to register in her memory system that this rabbit is part of the family.
I don't think the white rabbit is any match with the black rabbit when fighting for food is concern. She is simply too strong for her!
Well, we shall see his performance in a few months time. I hope baby rabbit is the result of this friendship.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Lovely story.

We shall wait and see.

wenn said...

the baby must be cute! said...

i get mixed up with the he and her part... XD

Kong said...

You think your rabbits are big, you ain't see nothing yet. Meet the 42 pounds & 4-ft long rabbit from England.