Saturday, February 27, 2010

Car Tip - Oil Pressure Warning Light

I am not an expert in car. But one day, while I was driving my Land Rover Discovery, the oil pressure warning light suddenly came on and off and then after a few days, it stays permanently on. It brought to me great anxiety because if this is not a false alarm, I am in for some very expensive engine repair. I read in the internet and couldn't find any easy way to determine whether it is a false alarm. Thanks again to my Honda mechanic in Miri who gave me a simple way to determine whether it is a false alarm.
So here it goes...
Open the bonnet of your car and remove the oil cap. Ask someone to press the accelerator (quite hard) and if you see engine oil jumping out through the oil cap opening, then the oil pressure sensor is faulty. Just replace the sensor which should only cost a few dollars.
If you don't see any oil jumping out of the opening, then the engine oil pump is faulty or the filter is block. The vehicle must be towed to the workshop!
This method of testing should be applicable to all cars.
Oh... I found that it was only a faulty sensor on my car and replacement was only a few dollars.


suituapui said...

Ya...that happens. A good mechanic will be able to handle that - no problem at all. Wah! You drive a Honda? Kaya... LOL!!!

wenn said...

thx for the info!