Friday, February 26, 2010

Black Image from My Nikon D3!

Can you imagine the frustration when you have in your hand the world most advanced DSLR camera and the image came out to be totally black once in a while?
I was haunted by this problem for a few weeks. Calling up Nikon drew a blank other than the suggestion that I sent the camera in for a checkup. Fortunately, I found the solution as I was relating this problem to my friend. He suggested that I should reload the firmware. True enough, I came back and reload the camera firmware and the problem is now gone for good.
I posted this so that other people who might experience similar "misbehavior" by your beloved DSLR to do the same... reload the firmware.


Gabriel said...

hello...oo, but how to reload the firmware?

William said...

The instruction is on the camera manufacturer's website. It applies only when you can reload or update your firmware. To reload, you pretend that you are updating!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful tip. If dont know what to do, can easily be "conned" by the dealer. Thanks so much.


^SpRInG^ said...

For a moment, i thought that it was because the cap was not removed.