Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unique traditional Business

I was at Chop Chin Leong over the weekend to buy traditional biscuit and I found the people there busy making all kind of cookies/biscuit. So, I take permission to snap pictures to put it on record this very unique trade which is still very labour intensive. I figured that this trade may not last forever unless the younger generation shows interest to continue ... or if there is automation to help in the production.
I call this "old hands" or expert at work!
The classic name... Chop Chin Leong.
Red Bean pastry.
No idea what is the English name but the filling is white.

Peanut sweet...my favorite
Packed and ready for distribution.
Red bean puff...another favorite
They also sell their own sweet puff/pastry at their own shop.
Group of experts at work
Shaking of excess sesame seed from the peanut sweet.
This is where the red bean paste is cooked.
One of their young and handsome workers!
Pastry going into the gas fired oven for baking.
By the way, can anyone tell me the correct term for all these? Chinese pastry, sweets, puff or something else.


i e R said...

ohh i miss this place, remember i use to run around there when my parent goes to buy stuff. but i think today their staff been cut down a lot compare to the pass, they have more or less automated oven now...

i e R said...

*not cut down*, the working shift was cut*, last time i go at night, and they are still baking cookies or biscuit... now, they all get off at 5 :D

suituapui said...

Ya...the younger ones are all so well-educated and would not pick up the trade (and may not be half as successful in their profession). Will all die out eventually - really sad! Those made using automation - not as nice most of the time!

Sarawakiana@2 said...

It is good to see some traditional business still going strong....good value for money too.


My @ddictions said...

I used to bought RM1 for 5 or 6 pieces, but now a days only 2 or 3 pieces only....hhahah....