Thursday, January 28, 2010

Saturday walk around - Krokop 5 Market

Ok, this first photo has nothing to do with Krokop 5 market. It is ...
... ah Jon's "office" or rather workshop! We went to see him there to deliver some pau for him. His boss gave him a new proposal today so that he can continue to "cooperate" with him. I think this is a good idea.
Ok, this is at Krokop 5. I used to shop there for a few years until a year ago. So, we knew quite a lot of people there. He is Mr. Kong, a butcher. I seldom buy from him but never mind, we are friend. I think he is 65 but still very healthy! His advise.... don't neglect exercise.
I saw this familiar face, he is from China, ie, our "Chinese friend". He is a courier to Brunei and drop by Miri to see his old friends. I met him there. So, I drag a chair over and chatted with them!
...and I look around to snap some photos. A place to gossip, relax, chat and order something to eat. Surely they all enjoyed this carefree life!
My long time church friend, Ai Hee, a veggie seller there!
You can take away if you need to feed someone else! But see the newspaper but with lining!
She is Yong Hee, ie, Ai Hee's sister. She prepare cooked meals, especially noodles.
I forgot his name... one of the only 2 butchers at Krokop 5. His stall is next to Mr. Kong!
Naturally we get to meet acquaintance. She is currently under medical treatment for some chronic problem. Do pray for her. Ask God to heal her and restore her health. Oh, pray for Ah Jon also. The good thing is that we encourages each other! Praise the Lord!


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks .Haven't been there for umpteen years since my children have all grown up and stopped going there for tuition.

Also is the Chin Video still there?
I also remember Ponteng kids used to hang out there for all sorts of reasons and especially for the rojak.

Is the rojak shop still there?

reanaclaire said...

thank God for prayers... yes, He is the healer of all sickness...