Monday, December 07, 2009

Freak Accident

Look at this accident in The Star today:

We probably have heard of birds falling out of the sky. But this one ... a car drop out of the sky! The most amazing part is that the driver didn't die but instead, two unfortunate victim died because they were hit by flying debris.

Thank God that the car dropped between the escalators otherwise I am sure that there would be more death.

Safety note: Don't let a minor into the car seat. Always think safety first before you do anything.


reanaclaire said...

gosh... i just read it only.. pity the 2 girls.. this is indeed a freak accident.. and miraculously the driver was ok... amazing!

wenn said...

sheer bad luck..

Andy said...

seram juga ooo...hmmm

Bengbeng said...

i heard they put the blame on the wall. the wall was wrong

Kenny Oh Ngu said...

i don read newspaper but how does it happen actually?