Sunday, November 08, 2009

He is up to something again!

Alright, it is about our rabbit again. This time, he is starting on a big project! You see, we let him out of the cage which is placed in the bathroom, then migrating from the bathroom he is now allowed to wander around the house! He is toilet trained. So, he won't simply do his business!
Ok, looking at his face, the meek look tell me that he is up to something! He seems to be challenging me to something...
Oh... his freedom also means that he can search for food without restrain. And see what he found this time. He has sank his teeth into the huge winter melon in the dinning room.
Within an hour, he made a huge hole in the melon. Looks like his eating project will be over soon. It also means that I am the loser in this eating game but fortunately, I got another one hidden away somewhere else. Cannot let him know or else he will finish it off for me as well!


reanaclaire said...

wow.. really a good gnasher, huh.. can finish that in no time.. i guess they love to gnash.. gnash.. :)

William said...

claire: That fellow eat non-stop! Crazy lah!

Anonymous: Hahaha... thanks.

ladyviral said...

Hahah! Oops... better not let him find the other winter melon.