Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Niah - the beautiful surrounding

When we were on the way to Niah, I need to remind my group that the objective should not be just climbing the cave but also to enjoy the surrounding, ie, nature/plant/flower/insect etc.
We seem to forget to look up ... just look at the magnificent trees!
... the young shoot ...
... and this strange looking ball spotted by Joshua. He is young and much shorter than us. So, he tends to see more things at his level. Anyone wanted to guess what is this? I think this is made by giant black ant. But they could be bee hive. So, I don't touch it! Just in case....
See this giant tree!
... and this plant full of sharp thorn.
This formation is actually a wall of rock. And over the years, trees actually grow over it.
Looking down from the walkway, you see green leaves!
... and Joshua found this snail. He wanted to bring home for the brother to see but I have to tell him that it is not a good idea to disturb it happiness in the jungle!
... more photos to follow ...


wenn said...

ya, stop and admire the nature..interesting.

William said...

Wenn: Yes, nature is the most beautiful!

Anonymous: Thanks for your visit. The snail is gross?! I told my son that as well!