Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Niah caves

During the merdeka day as it was a public holiday for all, daddy, Joshua, Jennifer, Lina and I made a trip down to Niah caves which was 74km from Miri.

I remember vaguely of my first trip to Niah when I was very young. We only walked up to the entrance of the cave and decided not to go in because it was too dark. Below are photos taken using nikon d200.

candid shot of daddy

Jennifer (who said that if daddy ever comes up with a novel she will definitely buy it..haha) and Lina

daddy, Joshua (and his snail) and I

simply magnificent. The beauty of God's creation

We walked all the way to the painted cave but to our dismay it was fenced up for conservation purposes because the paintings were deteriorating and very fragile.

Anyway, it was a good exercise as I haven't physically exerted myself much for a few months already . It rained halfway which made us completely wet but it did not deter us from finishing our journey. I guess daddy will update you more about Niah with even better photos from his D3.

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