Friday, September 11, 2009

Fruits... fruits... at our home.

Having a landed property has many advantages. First, we can plant whatever we want. Next, if I am lazy like now, I let the grass grows. My neighbour reminded me that the grass is a perfect place for snake. I would tell them that it is ok as they mean no harm. Indeed, I saw a couple of snakes before but no big deal. They are more scare of us. So, if I feel energetic, I would plant some veggie. This year has been a good year, although the weather is dry. We have a bumper crop of "coconut mangoes", local mangoes, bananas...
... now we have rambutan... (Janice, you missed it by a day!)
... and also this orange.


wenn said...

wow, own planted fruits..that's nice..

William said...

Wenn: Yes, we have a small piece of land and sqeeze everything in there.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

So long to wait for all your photos and article to appear on my screen....some show...My computer needs changing?

hahahahah...or you have too many "flowers"....hahahahah.

Impedes my "fast reading of blogs every sad if I cannot open your blog....have a good day.

when can I see your Mission article?

William said...

CY: I think your network there got problem. Actually all my photos are scaled down on the preview screen. So loading should be quite fast. Or, you may be right...too many "flowers".

ok...I will have to sit down and write my mission article.

AM: Sure, let us know when you can host us.

clipping path said...

Beautiful fruits pics. Thanks for sharing.