Monday, September 14, 2009

Esther is now Back

After two years in Leeds, 6 weeks in Sweden, 1 week in Belgium enjoying her holiday, one month in Singapore doing her elective at NUS, 2 weeks in West Malaysia, she finally found her way home last Saturday night.

Even though she didn't come home straight, her bag was full of goodies for the brothers at home...chocolate, etc. Some were of special request by the younger brothers.

Then I realised that Esther is now a big girl, ie, grown up! She dressed in a manner that she called it fashionable. Anyway, I thought she looks good in that dress but mum think that it is hot for her! What she means was that the tropical heat will grill her as she complained that Miri weather is hot! year June she will graduate. She needs to stay for another two years to do her houseman.
Her three brothers have been pestering the sister to make/cook something for them. I would say that all the siblings were very close to each other. So, last night, she cooked ...

...this chicken for the boys. They loved it very much and almost finished the whole chicken last night.

I kept this "coconut mango" in the fridge for her to eat. Reflecting back, I can now understand why my own parents did the same kind of thing for us! They will always leave something for us.


mousie said...

eee... don't like the second and third pic... not nice pose... daddy take down......................

Janice said...

u also cooked bai zhang ji for them? they must be so happy. mousie fat liao hahahaha.

Sarawakiana@2 said...

I am moved by your "parental" act of keeping "something" for Esther/a child.
In the past my mother and aunts too would keep something or save something when they knew that a daughter or a niece was coming by.
This is something that is unforgettable/memorable.
God bless our elders!
William you and your girls seem like brother and sisters now.

William said...

mousie: nice leh...if I take them down, I need to rewrite the story.

Janice: Yes, she cooked bai zhang ji but I have to cut. She made something else last night. Will post later today.

CY: Parent instinct. Or is it children "follow" parent's action?
Thanks...God bless you too.

reanaclaire said...

wow.. big girl u have too... so u cannot deny u r young anymore, huh? taht goes the same for me.. my son is 21 plus.. time flies..

i love the steamed chicken, yellowish skin and looks yummy.. so is Esther back for good?

William said...

Claire: No leh...1 more year to go + 2 years of houseman. So another three more years. This course is long. However, after this year, we no longer need to pay her fees as she would be working next July.

Hahaha... I am quite sure that you are younger than me. I am still very young at heart...she is 25 this year! I will retire from this employment soon.

wenn said...

lucky girl and nice parents..

William said...

wenn: Yes... kids are very lucky nowadays.