Saturday, August 08, 2009

Visit to Saba's Orchard

This afternoon, my family and myself went to visit my friend Austin Saba's Orchard at Lambir. It is an educational trip plus a photography outing as I collect materials for the new blog which I will help them to start.
Uncle Austin... a happy man! He has a 40 acres orchard planted with durians and all sort of fruit trees.
Do you know that mangosteen started off as pale yellow and ended up in deep purple when ripe?
Do you know that durian grows on branches and tree trunk?
Do you know that if you are hit on the head by durian, you will only suffer severe pain but not death? (Told to me by my late mum)
Now, guess what is this?
This is baby pineapple. Do you know that it bears pretty flower?

Photos will be posted on later.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

nice to get there? Is it very far?>

William said...

CY: It is 5.2 KM from the main road and have to wind thru plantation road with some 18 junctions. So, it is not possible to go on your own.

Kong said...

Have you taken Eric to this farm? If you haven't, then you should.

William said...

Kong: I tried to bring him on Saturday but for some reason, he started late. I have already arrived at the main junction and he is still in town. So, he gave up. I need a GPS to guide me there. Perhaps, next time, I will draw a map.